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hunting for a man who broke into a woman's apartment. she saw him. she screamed and he ran away. we'll tell you what police are saying next. >> and engineers say our bay area infrastructure our pipes, our storm drains can't keep up with the weather, but the city can't afford to pay. how lawmakers plan to pay. >> we better hope they can. storm 2 is on the way. we're waiting for heavy rain. when will it move ashore? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and an injury accident traffic alert still up in napa. all your traffic hot spots coming up. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:01 now. we are following some developing news down in palo alto. that's where a masked man broke in an apartment and woke up a woman inside. >> cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene where k-9 dogs are helping with the search. >> reporter: they so far have not found this guy. in happened here at this -- it happened here at this apartment complex at high and a thorn in
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palo alto at 2:20 a.m. -- hawthorne in palo alto at 2:20 a.m. a woman found a man in her apartment, she screamed and he ran way. she lived on the ground floor of the building in downtown palo alto. police aren't saying how the man got in. police blocked off the neighborhood and sent dogs to search for him. no luck. so they have since opened the streets back up, called the dogs and are interviewing the woman right now. >> at this point in time, she is safe and unharmed. she is with detectives and they are conducting interviews and the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: we don't know how get to in, whether he took in or whether he may have sexually assaulted the woman. a lot of unanswered questions. this guy is on the loose presumably here in palo alto.
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anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. round 1 wasn't so bad. the worst is yet to come. more wet windy weather is bearing down on the bay area and we have team coverage this morning with cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran. she is down at daly city. first we kick it off with meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center for more rain i guess, huh? >> yeah. boy that, first storm kicked down the door. this next storm system will roll through and it's going to bring with it heavy rain. this next storm though different. it's a slow moving storm and because of that, it's going to be able to drop a tremendous amount of rain. right now, we are seeing a few light showers out ahead of the system. mostly from the warm front. you can see some of that falling in the north bay now near novato, along one. watch out there. we are going to see some of the pop-up showers throughout the morning especially in the north bay but then that's going to start to sag further south in the afternoon. but again, this is a slow- moving storm so it will take some time to get here. here it is still well to the north of the bay area. there's another one that's developing behind that. this is all going to begin to
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move onshore in the latter part of the day. lots of clouds and scattered light shower and toward the afternoon showers pick up in the south bay we'll see showers beginning to move in. into the evening hours it starts to sag to the south slowly and overnight pushing through. tomorrow morning could be wet and wild commute. looks like stormy weather maybe as much as 6" of rain in the wettest spots. of course that could cause flooding. we'll have more on the weather coming up. back to you. >> the first round of the storm was strongest in the north bay with as much as 2" of bay in parts of marin county. pg&e crews restored electric service after high winds blew down power lines. down in the peninsula saratoga and pacifica were hit hard by power outages. tahoe got rain and snow yesterday. you can see some of the borders out there. when the next two storms are gone, ski resorts at lake level
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and above could have several new feet of snowmaking very many people happy. >> we love that. 5:04. our aging infrastructure is put to the test whenever we get a lot of rain. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in daly city in the neighborhood that was recently hit by a river of mud from that broken pipe and joins us live with more. >> reporter: daly city is one example of how cities can't afford to keep up with the old infrastructure. now civil injuries are saying basically we should prepare for more natural catastrophes here in the bay area. poor welds and lack of inspecial caused the explosion an incineration of a san bruno neighborhood years ago. putting off maintenance is not an option but they can't afford to do it. we are told more aging pipes
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could be in the area. injuries didn't look favorably on the infrastructure. the grade they gave for urban stormwater and flood control was a low d. in order to keep up, the bay area needs to spend nearly $3 billion. lawmakers say raising taxes is controversial but it's the best option. they voted in berkeley to pay higher property taxes to fix roads and other problems in the infrastructure. so engineers say at this point it could be a cautionary tale. pay up now or pay more down the road. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. >> go to to
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see hi-def doppler in your own neighborhood. 5:06. let's check the roads. >> it's dry for now. yesterday we had so many accidents with the rain and wind. for right now the camera holding steady. 880 through oakland no major wind advisories this morning. we did have an accident northbound 880 at high street. it is now clear. so quick trip all the way up between the oakland coliseum and downtown. otherwise the golden gate bridge doing lane changes now so in the meantime you will notice closures in that southbound one commute towards doyle drive. highway 121 at 128 the northbound lane of 121 is block. they are working to clear it now. the accident has been there since 3:30 this morning. and in san francisco, the great highway remains closed for sand removal after the storms, from lincoln to sloat boulevard. so heads up if your commute takes you there. coming up a check of mass transit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. family and friends want to make sure an at risk teen from
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oakland is safe. that's after she went missing more than 48 hours ago. officers say cheyenne white suffers severe autism. the 16 earlier has the mental capacity of a 9 -- the 16-year- old has the men capacity of a 9- year-old. she walked away from the finch youth center in oakland. she was last seen near the fruitvale bart station. 5:07. investigators hope witnesses will come forward with tips to solve the murder of two teenaged girls in east oakland. 16-year-old bonnie sartain of oakland and 15-year-old raquel bristol of san leandro were shot several times early sunday morning as they walked along minna avenue near brookdale park. sartain's mother says her daughter told her earlier they were having a sleepover. today she has a message for parents. >> i wonder why she lied to me. i wonder why it got so out of control that they had to shoot my daughter and her friend. that's not going to do any good now the. not going to bring them back. not going to do any good now.
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if you have children out there, be straight, know where they're at. >> a family friend told cbs 5 some people who live near the shooting scene tried to comfort the dying teens until emergency crews arrived. the two girls had been good friends for about 8 years. time now 5:08. palestine's status upgrade? the controversial vote headed to the united nations. we'll have the latest. >> plus, call them the uncommon champions. why this fremont high school football team is getting national attention. >> a holiday tradition is back. how many lights does it take to make this street by if the big apple? coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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gave the first peek at this year's christmas decorations including 54 trees! the theme this seaso check it out. it's christmastime at the white house. the first lady gave the first peek at this year's christmas decorations including 54 trees. the theme this season is joy to all. first lady michelle obama invited military families today for a tour of those decorations. >> with that the rockefeller center christmas tree in new york city is all lit up. the 80-foot norway spruce came from new jersey and it was decorated with more than 30,000
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multicolored lights. it's such a beautiful sight. >> have you been there before? yeah. i have never seen the tree. >> gorgeous. this would have been nice. a powerball dream come true. two tickets were picked all the right numbers in the biggest jackpot ever. ticketholders will split $588 million. 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and a power number of 6 were the numbers. one winner is in arizona, one in missouri. the odds of winning last night's jackpot one in 175 million. you're more likely to be elected president or hitting two consecutive holes in one. probably both at the same time. [ laughter ] >> no kidding. the jackpot triggered a ticket buying spree but not here in california. the lottery commission is meeting trying to hammer that would allow the golden state join the big party. the 42 states that all take
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part in the powerball lottery. fans are ready to play. >> powerball, powerball going be the thing. i'm glad it's come here. it's a wonderful thing. we deserve a chance to hit it. >> frank bought some tickets and got three numbers right. >> three bucks. >> pretty good. i think the last time i got a lottery ticket i won $1. so i bought a lottery ticket and then lost it all. it's dry outside. you're good to go from the altamont pass to livermore. drive time 15 minutes. not too bad. the bay bridge we had an earlier wind advisory, chp issued it around 2:15 this morning. they already canceled it so now
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you're good to go all across the upper deck. let's go to our maps. we still have this traffic alert. it's been in effect since 3:30 this morning. injury accident napa county. highway 121 at highway 128 the northbound lane of 121 remains block. we just checked in with chp to see if there's a new estimated time when they will reopen the stretch but in the meantime it's still blocked. in san francisco, the great highway is shut down closed for that sand removal after yesterday's storm from lincoln to sloat boulevard. so you have to find an alternate there. otherwise, westbound 580 drive there's a look at traffic through the altamont pass and you can notice a little bit of changing color on our sensors but not too bad as you approach vasco road towards livermore and then we showed you that live look earlier near the dublin interchange. drive time still all in the clear coming down the eastshore freeway. the nimitz an earlier accident on high street cleared and
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westbound 24 out of walnut creek. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." i know lawrence is bracing for round 2 beginning tonight. >> i think later today we'll see the rain pick up but this is the time to prepare as we'll see some heavy rainfall headed toward the bay area. right now, our hi-def doppler picking up on scattered showers the main focus has been in the north bay. skies staying mostly cloudy this morning but you see along 101 there be careful if you are driving in that direction. we have seen some pop-up showers there and more to come throughout the day. they will probably begin to slide a little further to the south as we head toward the afternoon. storm 2 is on approach with a cloudy start to the day. rain on and off it will be breezy and then that storm system moves in especially overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. here it is. just putting it self together here still has a long way to go. we are seeing a lot of clouds in front of this. that warm front is bringing
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light showers with it. once it comes onshore wet through the weekend. scattered showers in the north bay, this afternoon things pick up and then heavier rainfall begins to move in overnight tonight and it looks like into tomorrow morning this is a very slow-moving storm. so we are looking at tremendous amounts of rain. then it breaks off to showers tomorrow then a couple of little impulses move in saturday and sunday. we could see upwards of 6" of rain in the north bay also into the santa cruz mountains. we could see some localized flooding some of the creeks and local streams. i think the main rivers stay within their banks. with all the rain here lots of snow in the sierra nevada. lake forecast only has one to fleet of snow across the higher peaks. i think we could see more than that. just a whole lot of water coming. but the basin staying base at 7,000 feet and above. series of storms rolling through and then a break monday
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and tuesday. that's the latest forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you. should palestine have nonmember observer status in the united nations? that's the focus of a vote expected today by the u.n. general assembly. palestinians say they need u.n. recognition of a palestinian state in the west bank in order to get israel back to the negotiation table. meanwhile the u.s. insists on direct negotiations with israel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says u.n. recognition of an independent palestine state would not advance the palestinians' quest for a homeland. >> by going to the u.n., the palestinians can get a piece of paper. they can get a resolution. but nothing will change here on the ground. >> at this point, there's no specific time set for today's u.n. vote. 5:18. they have a rich athletic history dating back more than 100 years but this might be their best team ever. >> could be. south bay high school that you
5:18 am
may never have heard of but everyone is listening to. give it up for this week's "cool school." ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: 19 proud players fremont eagles, not a one over 200 pounds but these men are national champions. and every one of them is deaf. >> i tell people that deaf people can read, right, do anything, can communicate. the only thing they can't do is not hear. >> reporter: the california school of the deaf is coming off its best season ever. ten winners in all but two games against teams that can hear. >> no, there's no disadvantage to be honest. the advantage is that we have experience with football, we train hard. there's no disadvantage in football really. >> they know that they are supposed to look at this corner, this is passing. >> reporter: coach keller communicates plays in three different ways, a card system, wristbands, and, of course, hand signals. the game may be silent, but
5:19 am
these young men get the message loud and clear. >> i don't need to use my -- any hearing during the game because we're very visual. we seethings. we can see signals. i can see where the ball is. and i just can't hear the whistle is the only real issue. >> we are the national -- >> reporter: deaf digest sports crowned eagles national champs among deaf high schools and more accolades are pouring in. >> i have had to prove them wrong that i can play. i'm just deaf. >> reporter: sports illustrated nominated csc one of the top underdog school stories in the country. the 6-minute video has gone viral. all thanks to 19 kids that were not going to let anything stand in their way. california school for the deaf, this week's -- >> "cool school"! >> isn't that cool? >> that is so cool. >> i learned so much. i spent three hours there a couple of days ago. it was wonderful. by the way, they have 8 seniors
5:20 am
and a number of those that are graduating are going to play college football, as well. and a big tip of the hat to the volleyball program, as well. they are also national champs. and many thanks to emily and laura the two interpreters who helped me talk to the kids and the athletic director, kevin and everyone over there. it's really impressive. good story. submit your nomination for a "cool school" at our website, and we may just come out and feature school on the big show. it's 5:20 right now. coming up, would you vote barry bonds into the hall of fame? >> and the only vote that counts on the quarterbacks is this man's right here. jim harbaugh. we are going to tell you how voted next for the big game this weekend. >> heavy rain headed for the bay area. lots of snow up in the high country. here's your snow report:
5:21 am
>> be careful traveling in the high country. winter storm warnings are going up. squaw valley one to three inches and a lot of snow throughout the weekend. more on your weather coming up. [ female announcer ] now deliciousness can happen at almost anytime.
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thanks to new jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread. ♪ now anytime of the day can be delicious time. ♪ choosy moms choose jif. good morning. storm 2 is heading our way. we are still dealing with a few problems on the road this morning. include this traffic alert in
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napa. one lane is blocked. highway 121 approaching highway 128. traffic alert issued. the rest of your morning commute coming up. san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh has decided on his starting quarterback for sunday. yeah. a bit of a surprise for some. alex smith will sit another one out. >> colin kaepernick will be our player to start, colin and prepare him to make this start week against the rams. i feel sometimes like i stand up here and talk to you and i can read your eyes thinking maybe you think i'm holding back, i'm not giving you something that's not there. >> there you go. the 9ers are at st. louis on sunday. kaepernick is the guy. former giants slugger barry bonds was officially placed on the hall of fame ballot. the home run team needs 75% of baseball writers to vote for him this month into the hall because of his connection to performance-enhancing drugs this year's ballot is expected to be the most debated in the history of the game. sammy sosa, roger clemens also on the ballot. that should be interesting come
5:25 am
january 9th. that's when we'll find out. another play of the day we have college basketball. we have wisconsin with a blind backwards shot and it goes. how about that. the shot went in but they lost 60-54. that's off the old horse right there. >> game of horse? >> there you go. it is 5:25 right now. the future of guantanomo bay. >> how safe would it be to house 166 suspected terrorists here in the united states? the surprising new findings coming up. >> and armed with guns and sledgehammers, the daring julyry store heist in just 75 -- jewelry store heist in just 75 seconds. >> a woman in a nice palo alto neighborhood wakes up to find an intruder in her apartment. we'll tell you about the search for the suspect next. ,, ,, this holiday, share everything.
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the first wave packed a punch but the worst of the storm still to come. >> the slow-moving storm system and that's the concern, marin county typically gets hit the hardest during one of these big storms. >> two thieves waving guns and sledgehammers hit a bay area jewelry store. >> i was just waiting for him to shoot. >> these girls did not deserve to be like this gunned down in the street. >> the family searches for answer after two teens are shot down. >> finding the killers could be the only chance for closure. >> guantanomo is a stain on our country image abroad. >> a plan to bring guantanomo bay prisoners to the mainland. >> it's just uncomfortable. i think it's unfair to america. >> talks are heating up between
5:30 am
the white house and congress. >> both have earned it. both deserve it. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news. and i'm frank mallicoat. tis 5- a rude awakening for a woman downtown p good morning. it's thursday, november 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. a rude awakening for a woman in downtown palo alto. >> someone broke into her apartment about three hours ago. anne makovec with the search for than a trieder. >> yes. she woke up from her sleep overnight saw a man in her apartment screamed and ran away. police are still at the apartment complex and she lived on the ground floor according to a police spokesman. this is on high and hawthorne north of downtown palo alto. when police got the reported at 2:20 police sent in dogs to
5:31 am
search for the guy. no luck so they opened the streets up. they won't say how they got into the apartment or whether they took anything. we'll hear more around 7 a.m. the only description they have on the perpetrator is a male with dark clothing so not a good description. we'll see if they come up with more later. round one of the storms came and went and now we have round 2 on the way. we have team coverage, cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is down in daly city but we start with lawrence karnow in the weather center. >> guys, this is going to be a different store than the one that just moved through. that was a fast-moving storm system. this one is going to be a lot
5:32 am
slower and because of that, had a potential to drop a lot more rainfall. let's check the high-def doppler radar. we are still seeing scattered showers to begin the morning. most of that located in the north bay. that may change. pop-up showers on one. scattered light activity now. we'll see the rain sagging further to the south. then toward tonight heavy rainfall is expected. warm front followed boy a cold front. rain will pick up, breezy conditions throughout the day today, a lot of cloud out there now. showers more numerous and further to the south. main cold front located well to the north. we could get 6" of rain in the
5:33 am
north bay, localized flooding in streams and creeks but not rivers. severe storm heading our way overnight in toward tomorrow morning. that's the latest. >> thank you. the north bay had as much as 2" of rain in parts of marin county. pg&e crews were busy restoring power after power lines blew down. pacifica had 1200 homes and businesses without power for part of yesterday. >> we are the first guys to get the wind off the ocean. so usually it's a little more gusty than maybe over the hill or even in san francisco. we are like the front line as far as that's concerned. >> sfo had its usual problems that come with stormy weather. there were delays up to 3 hours and dozens of incoming and outgoing flights all had to be canceled. meanwhile, up in the sierra it was not cold enough for snow at lake tahoe. not that cold up there this
5:34 am
morning, either. but they got a mix of rain and snow yesterday. it will get colder and several feet of snow could fall at lake level and higher by the end of the week. all this stormy weather is causing concerns about the aging infrastructure in the bay area. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in daly city in a neighborhood reese isn'tly hit by a river of -- recently hit by a river of mud from a pipe that fell apart that crews are still cleaning up. >> reporter: we learned the city spent close to half a million dollars just trying to replace soil and vegetation in the area after that landslide and city leaders say there could be more older pipes in the area but the reality is for most cities, the money to do the work is just not there. as we have seen in the past, aging pipes and storm drains are pushed past their limits and causing devastating damage
5:35 am
and deadly accidents. the american society of civil engineers says putting off maintenance work is not an option. it's a cautionary tale for the entire bay area. pay for the work now or pay up to 10 tames more later. now, engineers grade the bay area's roads, urban stormwater and flood control at desperately low d. the bay area needs to spend nearly $3 billion a year to maintain the infrastructure. >> pipelines that were designed to be in the ground for 30 years are now in the ground for 100 years. we are expecting the materials that were supposed to last 30 years it last 100 to 120 years. it's because we're not replacing these systems. >> now, as you said, michelle, two weeks ago this neighborhood was covered in mud after an aging pipe cracked and is an example of how cities don't have the money to repair or replace their systems. lawmakers know raising taxes is controversial but state senator-
5:36 am
elect jerry hill says he believes that's the best if not long term option for this area. that's just again one option for footing the bill and we're reporting live in daly city. cate caugiran, cbs 5. remember, you can get live hi-def doppler radar for your neighborhood anytime and find information on sandbag location at yesterday traffic was a mess at this time. and last time we checked in with liz, 15 minutes ago, easy breezy i think you said. >> we still have a traffic alert up in napa but that's been there since about 3:30 we haven't seen anything new on the roads since we have been on the air at 4:30. it's dry outside and we'll enjoy the dry morning commute while we have it because we are going to have a wet friday morning commute. right now good to go across the san mateo bridge. this is a traffic alert we were talking about up in napa county. 12 blocked. the northbound lane approaching highway 128. that was an injury crash so again we still don't know when
5:37 am
they are going to be able to clear the scene as well as in san francisco. the great highway is shut down because of sand on the road from lincoln to sloat. dublin interchange typical commute, slow for the altamont pass and livermore. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:37. police need to solve the murder of two teenagers in oakland. 16-year-old bobbie sartain and raquel gerstel were shot along minna avenue. sartain's mother said she thought her daughter was at a sleepover that night. >> i wonder why she lied to me? i wonder how it got so out of control that they had to shoot my daughter and her friend. that's not going to do any good now. that's not going to bring them back. so if you have children out there, be straight, know wherer
5:38 am
that at. >> some people who live near the shooting scene comforted the dying girls until ambulances arrived. the girls were friends for eight years. an oakland girl with the mental capacity of a 9-year-old is missing . cheyenne white is an at risk teen who suffers severe autism. the 16-year-old walked away from a group home in oakland on tuesday night. she was last seen near the fruitvale bart station. she was wearing a blue hoodie with pink stripes and blue pants. they were in and out in a flash. two robbers hit a bay area jewelry store in los gatos at blaiscy's fine jewelers on tuesday afternoon. the men were wearing masks when they stormed into the store. they had semi-automatic pistols. one of them went right for the safe. the other used a sledgehammer to smash display cases. one person refused to get down.
5:39 am
she was protecting her baby. >> her newborn, she was protecting her child because the glass was flying. >> the robbers dropped some loot as they ran out taking off in a stolen car later found in a parking lot a few blocks away. powerball ticketholders in two states are checking their numbers twice today to see if they won that $588 million prize. lotto officials say two winning tickets for the record-breaking jackpot both sold in arizona and missouri. here's the winning numbers: 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and powerball 6. i got three, three bucks. california may be able to join the powerball fever next year. lottery officials are meeting this morning in sacramento. they are trying to work out details that would allow the golden state to join the 42 other states that play powerball. california state officials say by adding powerball sales, would add an additional 90 to $120 million in revenue so why not? >> we'll see what happens. it is 5:40 right now.
5:40 am
a violent tornado caught on tape in italy. >> the damage the freak twister caused at a steel factory coming up. >> and would you pay $7 for a caffeine fix? what's in starbucks' super expensive new coffee? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:42 am
plant in southern italy. the
5:43 am
twister blew a crane int a worker is missing after a freak tornado stuck a steel manhattan in southern italy blowing a crane into the sea when it slammed into the plant yesterday. strong winds and lightning also took dunn a tower and a chimney at the facility. at least 2 dozen workers were hurt. >> think i would run. more discussions are planned or capitol hill today in an effort to avoid that dreaded "fiscal cliff." the treasury secretary tim geithner and another man will visit separately with house and senate leaders to find common ground on how to avert a series of tax increases and spending cuts beginning in january. president obama will have lunch in just a few hours with mitt romney. it will be the first time they have met face to face since the final debate shortly before this month's election. the event will be held at the white house. it is private, no aides present, no media, just the president and the former gop nominee. they will hash it out.
5:44 am
>> should be interesting. >> maybe he will bring mitt into the fold. who knows. >> we'll see. just from the labor department the number of americans filing first time unemployment claims fell last week. the decline comes as impact of superstorm sandy eases a bit. this morning, stock futures are moving higher on encouraging news from washington on the "fiscal cliff" issue. ashley morrison of joins us. good morning, ashley. >> reporter: good morning, to you, frank and michelle. asian markets got a lift this morning on growing optimism from debt talks in washington. tokyo's nikkei rose 1% while hong kong's hang seng also gained about 1%. the improvingometer mitchell on the "fiscal cliff" gave wall street a boost, as well. the dow added 106 points after being down triple digits earlier in the day. while the nasdaq was up 23. >> could the dollar bill be going out of style? a congressional panel is once again calling for the u.s. to stop printing singles and switch entire to dollar coins.
5:45 am
the nonpartisan panel believes the switch could save taxpayers money. it is more expensive to produce the coins but they last about 6 types longer than the paper bills. i don't know. it's going to make my bag heavier for sure. >> that's what i was thinking. my purse is already heavy. >> got four bucks? let me see it here. >> ashley, from time to time frank will go and make a starbucks run for us but i don't think he is going to do that anymore. >> not at this price. >> reporter: no. it's not going to get you this one. that's right. starbucks is selling a new brew that will set you back $7 for a grande sized cup. that would be a big cup. the coffee is made from a rare costa rica bean. if you want to brew one at home a half pound bag of the new coffee costs $40. that cup of coffee better change my life. it will keep me up all day long. >> you can hear the people at dunkin' donuts. you go, starbucks. good for you, buck ninety nine over here! >> ashley morrison of, thank you.
5:46 am
with more on coffee, let's kick it over to the weatherman who drinks more in a day than most do in a lifetime. >> i would pay $10 for a good cup right now. [ laughter ] >> would you? >> yeah. >> it's busy. it's only going to get busier as the day goes on as we see the rain picking outside. right now high-def doppler radar showing you just some scattered showers at this time. most of that located in the north bay. skies are mostly cloudy but we have seen a train of moisture sliding in across the north bay right now so if you head up along the 101 you may run in that briefly but it looks like things are going to begin to change in the latter part of the day. maybe showers beginning to slide a little further to the south. so a cloudy start a few showers in the north bay off and on again rain especially toward the afternoon breezy all day long and then storm number 2 moves in later on tonight. we're talking about very heavy rainfall. here it is. the storm located to the north we are seeing a lot of warm frontal clouds ahead of the system bringing us light showers right now in the north bay. once it moves onshore it's
5:47 am
going to be wet and staying wet throughout the weekend. we'll watch the creeks and streams closely could see localized flooding. a lot of clouds out there now as we head into the latter part of the day more showers further south. 8 p.m. you see the cold front up here and then it sags across the bay area ever so slowly tonight into tomorrow. that's the problem. this is a slow-moving storm. so it's going to drop a tremendous amount of rainfall around the bay area. showers continuing on and off in the afternoon on friday and saturday. and then your next storm system moves in on saturday night into sunday morning. so rainfall totals impressive with this one alone through friday. we're looking at about 6" of rain in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. again it looks like the major rivers will stay within their banks but we could see some localized flooding on streams and creeks so be prepared for that. in the meantime the high country of course going to see a lot of snow. the latest forecast only has one to fleet of snow above 7,000 feet -- one to three feet of snow above 7,000 feet, maybe 2 to 5 feet across the higher peaks. be careful driving up there. temperatures in the 60s out
5:48 am
decide for highs today. the next couple of days stormy weather rolling on tonight into tomorrow morning. then turning to showers by friday afternoon and saturday. then more stormy weather saturday night into sunday. then hopefully elizabeth we get a break after that. we are going to need it. >> look at this. the biggest news today is enjoy the morning commute today because it sounds like tomorrow is going to get nasty. dry outside the rain is not expected to come until later on tonight as lawrence said so for right now we are actually quiet on bay area roads. we have a couple of different incidents we're following but the big picture is things are moving well especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay, no metering lights. east 14th approaching 162nd avenue, a box truck struck some parked cars in the area so we are actually sending chopper 5 to the scene to see if it is blocking lanes any longer. in the meantime the main lines to the freeway from san leandro all the way up towards oakland. this is live look at the nimitz looks great. no delay to the drive time in
5:49 am
the green this morning. 15 minutes on northbound 880 between 238 and the maze. and if you are traveling southbound 880, it's nice and smooth as well all the way down towards oakland airport and continues that way all the way down towards 92. here's a live look at one of our other bridges. this is the golden gate bridge of course. and so far, nice and dry. no slick conditions and no wind advisories this morning if you are heading towards doyle drive and san francisco. this traffic alert in napa county has been here since 3:30 this morning so we are trying to get an estimated time when they are going to hopefully clear lanes. but in the meantime northbound lanes of 121 shut down at 128, injury crash in the area. that is your "timesaver traffic." traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. the united nations general assembly is expected to vote today on whether to give nonmember observer status to palestine. palestinians say they need u.n. recognition of a palestinian state in the west bank in order to get israel back to the negotiating table. but the u.s. insists on direct
5:50 am
negotiations with israel. at this point, there's no specific timetable for today's vote. a new report shows u.s. prisons can safely handle 166 terror suspects currently being detained at guantanomo bay, cuba. the government's accountability offices analyzed the potential effects if the u.s. decided to shut down the bay. senator dianne feinstein of california head of the senate intelligence committee says u.s. prisons already hold 373 inmates convicted of terrorism and there haven't been any security problems in those cases. but others say that doesn't matter. >> to have them in essence living on the same soil and being -- it's just uncomfortable. i think it's unfair to america. >> closing the guantanomo bay prison would save the u.s. an estimated $114 million a year. it is 5:51. lindsay lohan in a nightclub brawl. we'll have the latest. >> new details on the troubled star's latest arrest.
5:51 am
>> and a new way to deal with misbehaving kids. the controversy over one school's isolation booth. >> and we are following some breaking news right now. this is a box truck, an accident chopper 5 is over right now. and we are sending a crew on the scene. we'll have more details when we come back. ,, look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming
5:52 am
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5:53 am
weave an accident we're following live from chopper 5 overhead. the truck hit parked cars in a car lot that united auto center. no injuries at the scene. but lanes may be blocked at
5:54 am
east 14th and 162nd avenue in alameda county in san leandro. we'll have another update coming up. >> light showers north of the golden gate bridge along 101 but plenty more to come and it's going to be heavy. we'll talk about that coming up. >> she is out of jail again. new york police escorted lindsay lohan this morning after she allegedly slapped another woman's face at a nightclub. she where a black jacket as you saw over her head that went down to her knees. officers charged the mean girls actress today with a misdemeanor assault and then released her. lohan is on probation for taking a necklace from a jewelry store without permission. washington state parents are upset about an isolation booth at their elementary school. but school administrators say they need it. photos of the isolation booth went viral on facebook. the original facebook poster
5:55 am
says using it is abusive. she claims kids are locked in for crying or tapping on their desks. think say it's for therapy for children to calm down. >> do you think it's abusive? >> people have opinions without having information about it. i would in the classify it as abusive. >> the isolation booth has been at the school for the past four years. holiday office parties can be fun but most employees would rather have cash. >> a new study shows 73% would rather ditch the party and just get a bonus instead. everyone likes cash. it's king. still, might as well get your best party outfit ready anyways. more companies are planning holiday parties this year. 83% are planning year end festivities and 17% will spend more on celebrations. so the economy must be getting better. >> yeah. >> getting in the season. next half hour coming up, it's the richest powerball
5:56 am
jackpot ever. two winners are splitting the prize. >> what's expected between president obama and mitt romney as they meet for the first time since their last debate? coming your way. a woman wakes up to find an intruder in her apartment. and now he is on the loose. police have been searching all night. we'll update you live from the scene next. ,,,, welcome se my lcret d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49.
5:57 am
and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!! uh, i think i know. "we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?!
5:58 am
5:59 am
g right now >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a woman wakes up and screams to find an intruder in her home. the manhunt happening right now in palo alto. >> and engineers say our storm drainage systems roadways and pipes are falling apart. how lawmakers say they plan to raise the cash. >> we'll have more coming up. >> a truck hits parked cars in
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